Spring Speakers Toastmasters Club

Sheba Davis Award

Al-Nur Sheba Davis (1954-2021)

Spring Speakers Toastmasters Club offers this award as a tribute to our beloved storyteller and treasurer Sheba Davis. A member of this club since 2012, Sheba was a mentor, role model, and inspiration to all members. As a tribute to her dedication, Spring Speakers celebrates its members as they progress through their public speaking and leadership goals. Each time a club member completes a level within their educational path, their name will be entered into a drawing. The winner will be selected at the conclusion of the Toastmasters year.

Level 1 Completions

Level 2 Completions

  • Ike Onyenemezu
  • Teresa Moses
  • Tina L. Ligon

Level 3 Completions

Level 4 Completions

Level 5 Completions

*Dr. Tina L. Ligon (Persuasive Influence)