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Carl Robinson (LD1)

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Tina Ligon (IP5, PI2)

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Lee Collins (MS5, PM1)

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Teresa Moses

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Keisha Manning (PM2)

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Olugbenga Akeju (CC, IP1)

David Davis (DTM, SR5)

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Monique Ekundayo (PM2)

About Me: As a San Diego, CA native, I am a business management professional experienced in the fields of Human Resources and Risk Management. I am a wife, mother of 1, and life-long student.  Educationally, I have completed a BA and MA in General Business Management. In addition to Toastmasters International, I am an active member of the National Society for Leadership and Success (NSLS) and Delta Mu Delta (DMD) International Honor Society.  I am most challenged when under pressure (which is how I thrive in attaining goals). As a Toastmaster, I aim to acquire profound speaking ability and enhanced leadership skills.  Last, in paying it forward, I hope to some day become an influential mentor for a prospective Toastmasters International mentee. Through executive mentorship is how I was introduced to Toastmasters International and I will forever be grateful for the recommendation.

Joined Club: February 1, 2021